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【Call for Papers】ICAMIS & ICAMS 2023 Has Been Held Successfully!

On November 16, 2023 in Beijing Time, the 4th International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Information Science & the 14th International Conference on Advanced Management Science (ICAMIS&ICAMS2023) has been successfully held online! The conference is organized by the International Association of Management Science and Engineering Technology (IAMSET).

The 4th International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Information Science (ICAMIS 2023) and the 14th International Conference on Advanced Management Science (ICAMS 2023) focus on the field of Applied Mathematics, Information Science and Advanced Management Science, following, presenting and discussing the latest innovations, trends and concerns in the field, as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted. The topics includes (but not limited to) Applied Statistical Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mathematical Analysis, Geometry, Theoretical Mathematics, Software Engineering and Applications, Soft Computing, Digital Sensing Technology, Operations Research and Management, Production and Operations Management, Financial Engineering, Marketing and Management, Human Resource Management and Logistics Management, etc.

Group Photo of the Part participants

Keynote Speech

Dr. Thanh Ngo, Senior Lecturer from the School of Aviation, Massey University, New Zealand, Member of the Journal Editorial Board of PLOS ONE and the International Journal of Financial Studies, Associate Editor of the Asian Economic and Financial Review and series editor of several journals, made a presentation entitled "Managing Illicit Drugs – The Role of Money Laundering Policy in the International Cocaine Market".

Dr. Thanh Ngo

Dr. Sujani Thrikawala, Principal Academic Staff Member of the Centre for Business and Enterprise (CBE), Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec|the Pukenga), New Zealand, delivered a speech entitled "Walking the Tightrope: Political Connection, Environmental Disclosures, and Greenwashing of Firms in Developing Nation".

Dr. Sujani Thrikawala

Prof. Shou Feng, Associate Professor from Harbin Engineering University, Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Advanced Ship Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, IEEE Member, peer reviewer of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, member of the editorial board of several international academic journals, shared the report entitled "Machine Learning Methods for Remote Sensing Image Change Detection".

Prof. Shou Feng

Dr. Elodie Jouny-Rivier, Professor of Marketing at ESSCA School of Management, France, presented a speech entitled "Customers' Learning Process during Product Customization: The Case of Online Configuration Tool Kits".

Prof. Elodie Jouny-Rivier

Dr. Brandon Randolph-Seng, Professor of Management at the Texas A&M University School of Business, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Management Decision, gave a presentation entitled "How to Get Published".

Prof. Brandon Randolph-Seng 

Dr. Zhang Liming, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau, China, shared with the participants a presentation entitled "A New Sparse Learning Method – Adaptive Fourier Decomposition (AFD) and Its Applications".

Prof. Liming Zhang

Dr. Zhen Hua, Assistant Professor at Xi 'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Associate Editor of Journal of Data Science and Intelligent Systems and PriMera Scientific Engineering, shared with the participants a report entitled "An Improved Belief Hellinger Divergence for Dempster-Shafer Theory and its Application in Multi-source Information Fusion".

Prof. Zhen Hua

Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Mirza, Director of Business School Research and Assistant Professor at Management School, National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan, Editor-in-Chief of the journal NUST Business Review, gave a presentation entitled "Safeguarding Trust: Exploring the Impact of Cybersecurity Measures on Employee's Confidence in Organizations".

Prof. Muhammad Zeeshan Mirza

Dr. Alireza Goli, Assistant Professor at University of Isfahan, Iran, gave a presentation on "Approximate Optimization in Aggregative Production Planning".

Prof. Alireza Goli

Mr. Farooq Akhtar, Senior lecturer at Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Kotli AJ&K, Pakistan, and the PhD researcher in Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization at Northern University of China, shared the report entitled "Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Optimization: Scenarios and Conceptions".

Mr. Farooq Akhtar 

Dr. Julia Sidorova, Senior Researcher in service at Bioinformatics Platform, CIBER, Ministry of Health, Spain, gave a presentation entitled "Classical and Deep Learning Based Survival Analysis".

Dr. Julia Sidorova

Prof. José A. Knudsen González, from Universidad Central Marta Abreu de Las Villas (UCLV), Cuba, gave his talk entitled "How to improve the operation of port logistics chains".

Prof. José A. Knudsen González

 Closing Ceremony

The 4th International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Information Science and the 14th International Conference on Advanced Management Science provided a good platform for experts and scholars from all over the world. Participants made wonderful speeches and reports from their own research perspectives on applied mathematics, information science and advanced management science, and shared the latest research progress and cutting-edge research results. This conference also took the form of simultaneous live broadcast on multiple platforms, attracting the attention of many scholars, teachers and students in the fields, and a total of more than 500 people participated in the whole meeting.

The conference was successfully concluded with the strong support of experts, scholars and participants from all over the world!

Looking forward to seeing you next time!

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Call for papers

The academic conference successfully achieved the expected results. The experts at the conference agreed that academic papers on relevant topics in the field should be published to promote academic exchanges and disciplinary development!

This conference is supported by many high-scoring journals!


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